Innov Biotech is the distributor of the IDIR test, the first screening test for insulin resistance, and is also involved in the production and marketing of the IDIR test. Innov Biotech is the exclusive distributor for the whole of Africa, an area of absolute priority, and works with resellers. For other continents, we work with local distributors.

To become a distributor or reseller, send an e-mail to contact@innovbiotech.co
The populations of many African countries are severely affected by insulin resistance and the serious consequences of the cardiometabolic diseases that ensue. The proportion of undiagnosed diabetes is highest in the African region, at 53.6%. Cardiovascular disease is an even greater scourge. Strokes kill 40 people every minute in Africa. There is therefore an urgent need for action.

Our aim is to work closely with health authorities, public and private healthcare professionals and local communities to build diagnostic capacity, raise awareness and implement effective intervention strategies. But our action is not limited to Africa.

Our ambition is to extend our presence and distribution to other countries around the world, in order to reach a greater number of people facing these major health issues.

Our mission is to provide early detection tools and adapted solutions to combat insulin resistance and improve the cardiometabolic health of populations, wherever they may be. With this in mind, Innov Biotech is a partner of the PREDIA program developed by the NGO AcSan, and remains open to the development of other partnerships with NGOs, associations and health organizations.